Table manners

Table Manners 餐桌禮儀

Table Manners
Life Learn (HK) offers a Table manners (餐桌禮儀) course that teaches participants the application of proper table manners (餐桌禮儀) in various situations in daily life. Learning Table manners allows individuals to incorporate good character into different social contexts such as business and social gatherings. Our table manners (餐桌禮儀) reflect our personal character, refinement, and knowledge. Mastering proper dining etiquette can enhance one’s social skills and communication abilities, making them a more trustworthy individual.

Table manners (餐桌禮儀) is a comprehensive discipline that covers etiquette guidelines and behavioral norms for various dining occasions.

Our course covers the following aspects:

Table setting and utensil usage: We will teach you how to choose appropriate tableware, plates, and napkins based on different occasions, as well as how to elegantly arrange them. This will help you feel at ease and present a professional image in formal settings.

Dining manners: We will guide you on how to use utensils, including knives, forks, spoons, and chopsticks, and how to eat properly, avoiding uncouth behaviors such as opening your mouth widely, making noise, or stuffing your mouth with food. These skills will make you more comfortable during meals while showcasing your politeness and respect.

Host-guest relationships: In our course, we emphasize the importance of host-guest relationships. You will learn how to appropriately demonstrate hospitality and respect when acting as a host or guest. This will help foster harmonious interpersonal relationships and make you stand out in various social occasions.

Business dining etiquette: Dining etiquette in business settings is crucial as it directly reflects your professional image and business acumen. Our course will teach you how to conduct yourself properly during business meals, including seating etiquette, ordering and paying the bill etiquette, and dining skills during business negotiations. These skills will make you more confident and successful in business settings.

In addition to the above content, we can provide customized courses tailored to the specific needs of different target groups. For student groups, we will focus on basic dining etiquette and make learning more engaging and interactive through activities and games. For professionals, we will emphasize business dining etiquette and social skills to help them excel in business settings.

The benefits of learning dining etiquette extend beyond performance in social occasions. It also encompasses personal development, self-confidence, and cultural understanding. By mastering dining etiquette, individuals gain poise, grace, and the ability to adapt to diverse cultural practices, making them well-rounded individuals in today’s globalized world.

Join our Table Manners course and unlock the secrets to becoming a poised and confident individual in social and professional settings. Contact us at (+852) 6302-4604 or email us at to enroll in our course and embark on a journey of refinement and success.