About Us


Life Learn (HK) is a corporate training and large-scale event organizor. It is committed to organizing various forms of training activities which enable personal development growth and team building training. Besides, it can utilize their potential and think out of the box, enhance their problem solving skills. Participants learn about leadership, design thinking, creativity and collaborative solutions through innovative game activities to gain more valuable experiences, establish positive goals, good values, and inspire life. This year, we are promoting New sports and arts training, STEM courses and different corporate social responsibility and volunteer activities.

Type of activities:

– Innovative Sports and Art Training: Bubble Soccer, Snowball, Dodgebee, Room Escape, Training Camp, Parent-Child Fun Day, etc. All trainings are based on customer’s goal to tailor-made.

– STEM Education: Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), 3D Printing, Lego, Mobile Apps Programming, AI Robotics and Aquaponic, etc.

– Mainstream Sports: Basketball, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Swimming, Touch, Dodgeball, Sports League, Sports Games, etc.

In the region of CSR and volunteers, Life Learn (HK) Volunteer Team was established in 2008 (registered in 2011). Our principle is to encourage more people to provide volunteer services to the society. We have more than 550 registered volunteers till now and six core areas we served:

1) Caring for community (including people with intellectual and physical disabilities, rehabilitated or SEN, etc.);

2) Inspire young people to think and jump out of the box ;

3) Promoting new innovative sports;

4) Environmental protection; and

5) Caring for abandoned animals

6) Caring for socially withdrawn youths

In addition, some of our volunteer team members have more than 10 years solid experience on providing mentorship programmes. To be a pair-up supportors and give encouragement to students, who are come from low-income families, grassroots and special education needs background. The mentors lead them to set some goals for career / life and pursue their dreams.