For Corporates

We are committed to providing companies with different training and event organising services to meet the needs of different companies.

Corporate Training:
We provide corporates with different training activities such as LEGO®SERIOUSPLAY®, Adventure, Boot Camp and other team development projects to enable employees to develop teamwork, enhance skills in the areas of communication, creative problem solving and stress management.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Volunteer Service:
We agree with the importance of corporate social responsibility. As a result, our voluntary team established in 2010 , as for now, we have more than 400 volunteers. We are also happy to share our CSR experience and contribute to the society together!

Event Organiser:
We could assist you different activities for companies, including annual dinners, awards ceremony and exhibitions, etc.

Team uniforms:
We can tailor uniforms or teams in response to business needs

For any enquiries, please feel free to contact us. (Tel: 8202-2029, Email: