For Schools and Youth Groups

We provide different training for schools and youth groups, including the Hong Kong Youth Award Scheme (AYP), sports, creative training, career planning and various interest classes.

Programs for students

Hong Kong Youth Award Scheme (AYP)
Life Learn (HK) is currently the Schools Operating Authority (SOA) to help promote and implement the Hong Kong Youth Award Scheme (AYP)

Basketball, Football, Badminton, Bowling, Tennis, Bubble Football, Rugby, Fitness, Fitness Ball, Mountain Art, Adventure, Camp, Field Orientation, etc.

Innovation and Creativity Training
STEM (Mobile Programming, Robotics, etc.), Social Innovation, Design Thinking, LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® (Design, creativity training)

Career Planning
Guest Sharings, Personality Tests, Corporate Visits, Job Shadows, Volunteer Services, Simulation of Elderly/ Visually Impaired Activities

Other interest classes
Table manners,personal image and styling, Ukulele, band music, percussion, strings, dance, parent-child dance, Chinese drums, piano, violin, calligraphy, paper cutting, etc.

Event Organizing
We can coordinate and organise different activities for schools and youth groups, including award ceremonies, carnivals and competitions.

Other services
We can arrange teacher trainings, volunteer activities and customise apparels for schools and youth groups.

For any enquiries, please feel free to contact us. (Tel: 8202-2029, Email: